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MARCH NEWSLETTER | Blooms of Orchids


Guerlain takes its inspiration from the extraordinary longevity of the orchid flower to bring you its most comprehensive offering of skincare treatments. Treat yourself to an exceptional pampering experience that combines Guerlain's unique aesthetic expertise and the effectiveness of the Orchidée Impériale range of products to visibly transform the skin and lend a youthful radiance.

Thanks to our beauty experts precise movements and exclusive techniques, the muscles are toned and the contours of the face appear redefined. All the visible signs of aging diminish more quickly and thoroughly. The skin recovers its redefined, even texture and regains its flawless appearance, feeling as soft and velvety as it looks.

A well kept secret of sensory pleasure and beauty.

Book any of the below Orchidée Impériale treatments, and receive a 10mL L'Art et la Metière Exclusive Perfume, or a Customizable Rouge G Lipstick and its case*.

*While quantities last.

Orchidée Impériale Prestige Treatment | 1.5 HRS or 2.5 HRS

A combination of firming massage, stemming from the aesthetic know-how of Guerlain, and the efficiency of the iconic Ochidée Impériale creams. The precision of the new concentrate offers absolute well-being and visibly transforms your skin, revealing a recaptured youth.

Orchidée Impériale Ultimate - Face & Body | 2 HRS or 3 HRS

This new anti-aging treatment combines an exclusive firming massage by Guerlain with the efficiency of the Orchidée Impériale products. It is delivered with flawless efficiency bestowing a feeling of complete well-being. Deep movements stimulate every muscle, whilst the energizing massage fortifies cellular renewal. The ritual visibly maintains the firmness and tone of the face and body, restores your skin's glow and reveals a radiant complexion.

Orchidée Impériale Black Treatment | 1 HR

A revolutionary anti-aging treatment combined with Blackimmune technology by Guerlain in collaboration with cutting edge aesthetic manual techniques acts on almost all the cells involved in the skin's defense system. An exquisite way to revitalize and enhance the body's natural ability to rebalance itself.



The New Haute Régenération Drawn From The Roots Of Youth

Orchidée Impériale Cream is an exceptional complete treatment that helps regenerate the visible signs of time. After more than 15 years of research dedicated to the prodigious powers of orchids on the longevity of the skin, it offers a new feat: high regeneration drawn from the roots of a new duo of prodigious orchids.

This power, captured from deep within their roots to the highest point of the plant, is concentrated in the new molecular extract, Orchid Totum™. It helps activate and, for the first time, prolong skin cell longevity. Highly regenerated, highly re-densified, the visible signs of aging are reduced. The skin is visibly younger, for a long time.

The Ultimate High Regeneration Performance


Density +31%

Wrinkles -22%

Rebound +31%

Homogeneity +42%

Radiance +49%

Hydrated Aspect +52%

The New Orchid Totum™ Molecular Extract: High-Regeneration Technology

Guerlain research has succeeded in capturing the power of 2 exceptional orchids from the depths of their roots to the highest point of the plant. Composed of a wide variety of molecules, the new Orchid Totum™ extract is a high-performance concentrate.

This cutting-edge technology helps regulate cellular respiration, helping skin regeneration, and for the first time targets a longevity enzyme to help prolong the appearance of youthful skin.

- Activates longevity: combats the lack of oxygen in cells, and regulates their breathing to boost their regeneration.

- Prolongs Longevity: Targets a longevity enzyme at the heart of the skin for the first time to help support essential functionals of youthful skin over the long term. Cell regeneration is optimal, the skin looks younger for longer.

The Ultimate Combination Of High Efficiency, High Sensory, And High Naturality

The Orchidarium® Reveal: The Prodigious Power of Orchid Roots

Guerlain researchers have discovered the secret of infinite longevity deep in the roots of an extraordinary new duo of orchids selected from over 30,000 species.

Orchid roots are fascinating organs capable of producing many molecules that contribute to the longevity of the plant and whose life force radiates to every part of the plant.

Gastrodia elata: recognized in traditional medicine, its precious active fraction extracted from its particularly dense roots has exceptional properties.

Dendrobium fimbriatum: epiphytic orchid living on trees, it has incredible bundles of aerial roots from which it draws all its longevity.

The Secret of Guerlain La Triade Impériale™ Formulation: Finesse, Melting, Fusion

This tri-complex of natural origin is the secret of the extraordinary sensory signature of the new Orchidée Impériale light cream. Its ultra-fine moisturizing & melting texture fuses with the skin to offer a unique application experience.

Instantly the skin is smoothed, plumped, as if enveloped in a protective film which preserves the skin throughout the day. 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Based on 16128, calculation including water. The remaining 5% contribute to optimizing the entire formula over time and its sensoriality.

A New Precious Committed Set

Imagined like a precious jewel in its case, the jar of La Crème Orchidée Impériale evokes a precious and refined gemstone that has been part of Guerlain's sustainable commitment approach since 2017.

It is now made from:




In % of weight on all the plastic parts that make up the pot.

Gift Certificates available for purchase online or in the spa. Click here to purchase a gift certificate.

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