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B O D Y  T R E A T M E N T S

Treat your stressed and worn out body to a well-deserved beauty break. An extraordinary experience of pleasure and well-being.


I M P E R I A L  B O D Y  S C U L P T

1 HR  |  $205.00

4 x 1 HR |  $780.00 (1 session per week)

Body Sculpt is the new generation of slimming massage. Powerful with an immediate effect, it sculpts the silhouette and unclogs adipocytes. Deep and intense movements warm the  hypodermic, and stimulate lipolysis which promotes fat burning. This sequence of kneading, contrasted by a final drainage, soothes and  balances the metabolism for long-lasting results.
Expert strokes combined with the effectiveness of Guerlain body products sculpt the waist while refining the legs and hips. The body is naturally
redesigned, the curves more harmonious.


(4 Sessions Recommended)


1 HR & 15 MINS  |  $235.00

This specialized treatment uses a series of very soft touches, and movements, to promote movement of the lymph and circulation throughout the body to the lymph nodes to help with fluid circulation in the tissues for drainage. The purpose is to improve circulation and eliminate interstitial waste for better tissue regeneration, deep skin cleansing, and aid in many conditions.

B O D Y  P O L I S H

1 HR  |  $205.00

An invigorating massage and rejuvenating body polish, transport you to a total state of relaxation. Coupled with a hydrating treatment, the skin is clear and refined, as soft as silk.

The scrub is an invitation to well-being.

M A S S A G E  R I T U A L S (non-RMT)

I M P E R I A L E  R E L A X I N G 
M A S S A G E 

1 HR  |  $205.00

1.5 HRS  |  $280.00

Paying tribute to Eau de Cologne Impériale, this signature Guerlain massage argues all the senses. It stimulates circulation, promotes oxygenation and brings about relaxation.

T H E  8

1 HR & 20 MINS  |  $300.00

This face and body massage us a contemporary massage which offers an extraordinary orchestration of Guerlain Know-how, based on 80 years of
experience in France and worldwide. In addition to providing relief from stress, this massage helps to reinforce the aura, the invisible envelope that is directly linked with self-confidence and our relationships with others.

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