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F A C I A L  T R E A T M E N T S

This Guerlain tailor-made treatment is sustained by an approach that goes back more than 80 years. It combines Guerlain products, innovative gestures and rituals derived from the know-how of the greatest Eastern and Western masters. The treatment begins with a meeting, during which the Guerlain Beauty Expert discusses all subjects relating to wellness, including nutrition, physical activity, level of fatigue and stress. This exchange  allows her to design perfect pairings for the face and body and meet specific needs.


At any time, your treatment can be modified and adapted as you wish.

Click here to book your complimentary 30 MINS Skin Consultation.

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T A I L O R - M A D E  T R E A T M E N T S

C O M P L E T E  F A C I A L

1.5 HRS  |  $290.00

The Complete Facial includes the exclusive 19-minute Guerlain facial massage using an active skincare concentrate and mask to unify this deep cleansing facial therapy.

R A D I A N C E  F A C I A L

1 HR  |  $210.00

Achieve a fresh, clear and radiant complexion with this deep cleansing treatment paired with the exclusive 10 minute Guerlain facial massage and mask.

I N T E N S I V E  F A C I A L

2 HRS  |  $370.00

A deep cleansing treatment that is combined with a tailored mask as well as an active skincare concentrate to strengthen and reveal greater tone and texture in the skin.

A E S T H E T I C  M A S S A G E  T E C H N I Q U E S


1 HR  |  $215.00

4 HR  |  $815.00

The Face Sculpt treatment brings you all of  Guerlain's facial expertise in one hour. This cutting-edge aesthetic sculpting massage restores firmness, glow and youth to the skin. With its deep muscular action, it shapes the facial
contours, emphasises the cheekbones and opens up the eyes. The facial foundations are deeply enhanced, and your natural glow is instantly restored. (4 Sessions Recommended)

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