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Enjoy a combination of treatments designed to provide an ultimate relaxation experience.


J E T  L A G

3 HRS  |  $495.00

This is your passport to a full body relaxation experience. Let us take you on that adventure through the Guerlain Body Polish, The 8 and a Foot Therapy Treatment.

B E T W E E N  F R I E N D S

2.15 HRS  |  $655.00*

*Rate for 2.

Revel in a tranquil spa day with your best friend as you catch up and unwind. Experience the wonder of an exclusive Guerlain massage treatment, The 8, as well as a soothing Hand Therapy.

C O U P L E S  J O U R N E Y

3 HRS  |  $1,080.00*

*Rate for 2.

Enjoy the sensational Body Polish, 60-minute Impérial Relaxing Massage and finish with the radiance facial - a beautiful journey to enjoy together!

M O T H E R ' S  M O M E N T

3.5 HRS  |  $540.00


Experience the ultimate pampering with the Impériale Relaxing 60-minute massage, our very personalized 90-minute complete facial, as well as the Foot Therapy leaving your skin feeling beautiful, relaxed and balanced. The tender loving care you need during this important part of your life.

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