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A hymn to love.

Intensity: 3/4


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Chant d'Arômes is part of Guerlain’s Legendary fragrance collection. A collection made of emblematic fragrances, composed for more than a century by 5 generations of Perfumers. These mythical pioneer perfumes compose a unique olfactive library, that the Maison Guerlain endeavors to preserve.

Created in 1965 by Jean-Paul Guerlain for his young fiancée, Chant d'Arômes signifies the language of flowers, each of which carries its own meaning of love.
Chant d'Arômes is a charming spring bouquet. Filled with innuendo, its trail hints at fire beneath the ice.



Chypre Woody Floral.
Refined, fresh, charming.

This song begins with notes of citrus, set to rhythm by airy notes of honeysuckle. The melody is resumed in a chorus with a floral accord of gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang.
Then the music softens with notes of underbrush, sandalwood and vanilla.



Honeysuckle, undergrowth notes, sandalwood



Chant d'Arômes is a fragrance that brings spring and autumn to mind. In the 1960s, Chant d'Arômes, a gift ideal for blossoming love, was given to all young women at the Debutantes' Ball.


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