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After more than 15 years’ research, the Orchidarium® and Guerlain Research are revealing Orchidée Impériale Black The Symbioserum, a Guerlain skincare masterpiece.


The extraordinary power of the Black Orchid (1) is encapsulated at its heart. Native to Peru, it adapts to its environment to optimise its survival, embodying a talisman against time. It has given rise to BlackImmune™ technology. Overconcentrated (2) in the Symbioserum, BlackImmune™ technology is enriched with a symbiotic complex (3) that is a first for Guerlain, to help skin to protect itself against ageing (4). Skin can thus devote all its resources to its regeneration, for skin that is more beautiful and younger-looking, for longer – as if shielded from the visible signs of ageing. The Symbioserum nestles at the heart of a refillable porcelain bottle hand-crafted by the Maison Bernardaud. Established since 1863 in Limoges, this prestigious family-owned manufacture has epitomised the excellence of French porcelain for over 150 years.

(1) Cultivated black orchid
(2) In the Orchidée Impériale Black range
(3) Combination of a prebiotic and a probiotic derivative
(4) In vitro test on ingredients



From the very first application, the signs of ageing are minimized, with results proven by experts:
• After 1 hour:
o Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed*
o Skin texture is refined*
• After 6 hours**:
o The skin barrier is strengthened
o Skin hydration is improved

After 2 months, skin appears 5 years younger***
95% of women confirm that their skin is transformed.****
*Instrumental test, 16 Caucasian women
**Instrumental test, 11 Caucasian women
***Clinical evaluation by a Dermatologist, 30 Asian women, 30% of whom have sensitive skin, twice-daily application for 2 months, using the Skin Aging Atlas (R Bazin & F Flament)
****Self-assessment, 104 Chinese women, twice-daily application for 1 month’s use.



A rare and precious raw ingredient, the Orchid is the quintessence
of the Orchidée Impériale exceptional complete care range. A
real wonder of longevity, the orchid is the most developed species
in the plant kingdom. Convinced of its exceptional potential,
Guerlain established its first ever research centre devoted to a single ingredient: the Orchidarium®. The mission of this International Research Centre on the Orchid and skin longevity is to discover, understand, study and explore the potential of orchids and their biological and cosmetic properties to benefit its research on skin longevity.

Native to the Peruvian Andes (1), the Black Orchid (2) is an ebony-coloured wild orchid. It has the rare distinction of flowering only once a year, unlike other varieties that flower for two to three months, and – even more remarkably – bearing male and female flowers on the same plants. An invaluable quality that allows it – through an in-depth understanding of its environment – to adapt its metabolism by establishing an ongoing symbiosis with its ecosystem. In the face of dangers, excess sun or a lack of light, for example, it responds by producing more male flowers, thus encouraging the fertilisation of female flowers and, as a result, more fruit. It intelligently conserves its energy and optimises its longevity, embodying a real talisman against time.

(1) Sourced from Guerlain’s network
(2) Cultivated Black Orchid


The Ultimate trilogy of youth: the new Symbioserum perfectly complements the Orchidée Impériale Black ritual.

Step 1: Apply Orchidée Impériale Black The Eye & Lip Contour Cream with your fingertips. Then stimulate the eye area using the expert massage tool with refreshing effects.
Step 2: Take a few drops of Symbioserum in the palm of your hand.
Gently massage skin with your fingertips, working outwards from the middle of the face. Make small upward circular movements to facilitate the serum’s absorption (two to three times). Finish the application along the neck.
Step 3: Apply Orchidée Impériale Black The Cream, then carry out the immuno-massage using the expert tool. Featuring two mini-rollers, it closely hugs the curves of the face, performing a massage to the very heart of skin.


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