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Corrects signs of ageing.


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Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Emulsion is an exceptional complete care product renowned for its effectiveness on the signs of skin ageing and its feather-light texture.
It offers women the best that orchids and science can bring to skin longevity.

Thanks to the discovery of the prodigious powers of a duo of orchids, the new Emulsion effectively helps to combat the visible signs of ageing.

Enriched with smart microspheres, The Emulsion continuously restores balance to each area of the face for an ideal finish in all conditions.
Selected for their extreme effectiveness, they control shine and hydrate areas of dryness resulting in an ideally even complexion.

The Emulsion combines extreme lightness and intense nourishment with a non-greasy texture; the skin's balance seems restored, it looks radiant and feels comfortable.



Orchidée Impériale fragrance: a floral scent with hints of orchid that blend with notes of rose, white musk and precious cedar wood.



Apply The Emulsion every morning.

1. Apply using circular movements.
2. Slide the fingertips from the forehead out to the ears. Smooth the skin three times from the corner of the mouth up towards the nose, out to the ears and along the jawline.
3. Press three times on the anchor points of the muscles.
4. Slide the backs of the fingers along the jawline.

Smooth out the forehead.
Repeat three times.



Continuously rebalanced skin:
8-hour matifying effect*
Matt skin: +38%**

Skin quality transformed**:
Pores: -50%
Improved skin texture: +32%

Signs of ageing minimised**:
Wrinkles and fine lines = -28%
Skin elasticity = +27%

The Emulsion is an ideal base for make-up and improves the finish.
*Instrumental test, 11 women, after 8 hrs
**Satisfaction test, 32 women, after 28 days



15 years of research on skin longevity The Orchid, a rare and precious raw ingredient, is the very essence of the exceptional complete care range Orchidée Impériale.

A genuine longevity prodigy, the orchid is the most developed species in the plant kingdom.

Convinced of its exceptional potential, Guerlain set up its first research centre ever to be devoted to an ingredient: the Orchidarium®.

Guerlain Research runs three interrelated and complementary centres:
- The Experimental Garden — Geneva (Switzerland)
- The Basic Research Laboratory — Strasbourg (France)
- The Exploratory Nature Reserve — TianZi (Yunnan, China)



Thanks to the sebo-regulating power of encapsulated zinc, the smart microspheres absorb the excess sebum only where the skin needs it to control shine.
The hyaluronic acid coating locks in water to reinforce the skin's natural hydration*.

The Emulsion has a light, silky, nourishing texture and results in smoother, more matt and comfortable feeling skin.

For 15 years, Guerlain Research has been pushing back the frontiers of cellular longevity.
Now it has identified a mechanism that plays a key role in longevity: cellular respiration.
More effective thanks to the discovery of the extraordinary powers of a duo of orchids, Cell Respiration™ technology delivers superior efficacy inside the skin.

It regulates cellular respiration and combats hypoxia* or oxygen deficiency, a phenomenon that increases with age.
The cells can breathe again and maximise energy production which boosts cell regeneration*.

The visible signs of ageing are minimised: wrinkles and fine lines fade, the skin regains firmness, density and elasticity, the complexion is even and more radiant.
The skin is infused with a new breath of life. *In vitro tests on ingredients


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