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Luminous and sensual, an oud wood on edge.

Intensity: 3/4


“Strip the oud wood to reveal its softness In contrast to its intense darkness, Delphine Jelk has worked a luminous oud wood with finesse. Unveiled, the material is tamed in contact with light woods and expresses its most delicately sensual facets.”


Top notes: Almond, Cumin

Middle notes: Raspberry accord, Atlas Cedar

Base notes Sandalwood, Oud, Vanilla.


“Guerlain L’art & La Matiere Oud Nude is first discovered by the curve of white almond, like a long polished wood, where the sensuality of cumin smells of warm skin. In the heart, a disturbing raspberry accord like the imprint of a kiss enhances the blondness of the sumptuous Atlas cedar.

Illuminated by this clear cedar, the oud wood is revealed, softened by the milky sap of sandalwood then exalted by the tincture of vanilla from Madagascar. A true signature of Guerlain, this exceptional ingredient comes from pods from organic farming. Using expertise refined by Guerlain over a century, these pods are cold infused in alcohol from organic farming until they become a tincture.”


"When it comes to Oud Nude, the perfumer Delphine Jelk tried to capture the beauty and sensuality that the human anatomy has to offer, just like Michael Angelo’s statue of King David, but this time, in perfume form. This scent includes wood, cedar and sap of sandalwood, further stressing the raw beauty of the natural ingredients that goes hand in hand with the healthy and natural body image.”



Customize your bottle, choosing from a host of elegant combinations to transform it into your own companion, intimately personal in each and every touch.

*Please note, only the 200mL is available for unique personalization.


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