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First-time thrills

Intensity: 3/4


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L'initial is part of Guerlain’s Legendary fragrance collection. A collection made of emblematic fragrances, composed for more than a century by 5 generations of Perfumers. These mythical pioneer perfumes compose a unique olfactive library, that the Maison Guerlain endeavors to preserve.

The thrill of discovery and the adrenaline of a first-time encounter, like an invitation to leap into the unknown and delve into new mystery. A stimulating fragrance in a luminous, fresh interpretation. Pure and innocent, a sensation of airiness, a discreet outline of sensuality. A caress, a thrill, a fragrance of initiation.



Oriental floral.

Luminous, delicate, bold.


Guerlain L'Initial represents "the thrill of discovery, the adrenaline, the willingness to jump in and dive into a new mystery." The heart of the perfume includes a combination of Turkish rose and Dalmatian iris in a large dose. The goruamnd and tender base contains vanilla, caramel, almonds and tonka, wrapped in a cloud of white musk.



Rose absolute, Pallida Iris, Vanilla



L’Initial offers to rediscover the trail of Shalimar without its opulent sensuality while keeping its spirit and unforgettable signature. In tribute to this masterpiece of perfumery, Thierry Wasser composed a new version. He explains: “I had to keep the alchemy that makes it so desirable. I had to shed new light without disavowing the essence, transpose the fragrance without betraying it and imagine the future by honouring the past.”

The exquisiteness and daring of meeting with an olfactory treasure.


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