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Elegance is the ultimate freedom.

Intensity: 3/4


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Habit Rouge Eau de Toilettes is a classic of elegance, glorified by the freshness of citrus notes.

Created in 1965, Habit ROuge was the first oriental fragrance for men in perfumery. From the moment of its launch, this tribute to Guerlain's passion for the dressage of horses created an element of surprise with its scents of sensual and bold vanilla. An oriental that is by turns citrusy, warm and accented with vanilla, it expresses the genius of contrast and well-mastered emotions.


Habit Rouge embraces a dandy man who dares everything. Combining sophistication and refinement. He lives his life fervently and distinguishes himself with a trail of extreme sensuality.

Modern in its geometry and rigorous in its form, the bottle - iconic of the Guerlain men's fragrance collection - and its luxurious wooden cap are timeless figures of French elegance.



Oriental Citrus.

Dynamic, passionate, sophisticated, audacious.

It exudes a bitter freshness, drawing on refined accords of lime and bitter orange. Its heart, warmed by patchouli, is spicy and distinguished. In the base notes, its leathery side mellows under the rich caress of benzoin and vanilla given a rebellious twist.



Bitter orange - patchouli - vanilla



The first oriental fragrance for men, Habit Rouge is viewed by Guerlain as the "Shalimar for men".

It is crafted using the favoured ingredients (bergamot, vanilla, patchouli, tonka bean) found in the "Guerlinade".


The sensual olfactory hallmark of Guerlain creations, the "Guerlinade" gives Habit Rouge an utterly inimitable style.


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