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Between red and black, oud wood is lacquered with cherry.

Intensity: 3/4


In this creation between mischief and sacred, I wanted to play the contrast between the rarity, the mystery, the dark side of oud wood and the smile, the impertinence of the cherry.


Top notes: Cardamom, Cinnamon

Middle notes: Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose

Base notes: Oud Wood, Cherry Accord


“As if plucked from Guerlain’s iconic palette, a lacquered red cherry accord shakes up the majesty of oud wood. A vibrant and daring chromatic clash, visual and tactile as well as olfactory, a true encounter between the mystery of black and the power of red. A clash of spices – burning cinnamon and stinging cardamom – enhances the fruity intensity of the cherry accord. A unique and powerful olfactory color enhanced by a duo of roses at the heart of the fragrance: an absolute of honeyed Turkish rose and essence of fruity Bulgarian rose.”



Customize your bottle, choosing from a host of elegant combinations to transform it into your own companion, intimately personal in each and every touch.

*Please note, only the 200mL is available for unique personalization.


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