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Replumps, smoothes, illuminates.

Available in 15mL, 30mL, or a 50mL pipette bottle.


Click here to inquire about the Advanced Youth Watery Oil.


The Advanced Youth Watery Oil is the fruit of more than 10 years of research dedicated to honey and its revitalizing powers. Highly effective, it allows the skin to revitalize itself 9 times faster*. Skin is visibly plumped-up, smoother and more radiant.


From 8 hours, the skin fully recovers.


Made using our unique formulation know-how, its surprising texture offers the richness of an oil, the lightness of a lotion and the power of a serum. Made from 95% naturally-derived ingredients**, its formula, enriched with efficient microbeads, works immediately to moisturize the skin without weighing it down.

Its Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology combines the most powerful bee products, selected by Guerlain Research: the exceptional Black Bee honey from Ouessant Island (Brittany, France), enriched with three other honeys from unspoilt islands (Corsica, Ikaria and Åland) and an exclusive royal jelly.


The skin looks stronger, healthier, visibly younger.

Use it morning and evening on the face and neck before the Double R Renew & Repair Serum or the cream. Shake the bottle before use.



A sun-drenched nectar by the Guerlain nose Thierry Wasser: fresh and airy honeyed scents that transport us back to the beehive.



For even more beautiful skin, follow the steps used by the Guerlain Spa facialists.
STEP 1. Shake the bottle to ensure the correct amount of microbeads.
STEP 2. Take 2 or 3 drops. Warm the product between your palms. Apply it morning and evening before the Double R Renew & Repair Serum or the cream.
STEP 3. SMOOTH & ILLUMINATE Using the palms of your hands, smooth it into the skin, starting in the middle of the face and moving outwards.
STEP 4. PLUMP Close your fists and place them on your cheeks. Energetically sweep them off your face, in upwards and outwards motions.



At the heart of the Advanced Youth Watery Oil is Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology: a blend of bee products from sources exclusive to Guerlain, guaranteeing quality and traceability.

Working in protected environments, our partners use beekeeping practices that are respectful of the bees and biodiversity.


Pure honey from the black bee on island of Ouessant, France

Just 18 km off the coast of Brittany is the Island of Ouessant, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with an ecosystem that is free from pollution, pesticides and parasites, and the refuge of a unique species of black bee. This bee has lived through two glaciations and is today protected by the Ouessant Island Black Bee Conservatory. On the island it produces pure honey with exceptional properties and rich in polyphenols.


Rich Corsican Honey, France

At the heart of the Mediterranean is the famous Corsican maquis, a nature reserve protected by the European Union and an inexhaustible source of a variety of essences. Within this protected environment with its particularly rich flora, the bees have adapted to create an exceptional honey bursting with trace elements.


The Lengendary Ikaria Honey, Greece

The mountainous island of Ikaria, in the Aegean Sea, is considered to be one of the world’s five “blue zones”, recognised for the exceptionally high life expectancy of its populations. Beekeeping on the island remains traditional and takes place in a protected environment. The bees make a precious forest honey that is remarkably high in minerals.


Honey from the Far North, The Åland Islands, Finland

The Åland archipelago in Finland is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is located in the Baltic Sea and home to bees that are incredibly resistant to the cold climate. Its forests are highly biodiverse and contain a wide range of melliferous trees that help its bees to create a unique honey distinctive for its abundance of amino acids.


Exclusive Guerlain Royal Jelly

Produced in very small quantities, Royal Jelly is the rarest and most precious substance produced by bees, an exceptional nutrient capable of transforming an ordinary bee into a queen with exceptional vitality. To guarantee the high quality and traceability of its royal jelly, Guerlain has developed its own exclusive sources in France. This Royal Jelly is a natural source of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and vitamins.



Abeille Royale: Revitalize born from science and the bee.
With over 10 years of research, Guerlain has scientifically proven the effectiveness of bee products in boosting the skin's revitalizing mechanisms. Abeille Royale offers an advanced solution to effectively combat the visible signs of ageing, namely wrinkles and loss of firmness.
At the heart of the new Advanced Youth Watery Oil’s effectiveness lies Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology. Exclusive technology inspired by the latest discoveries in neuroscience that accelerates the skin’s natural revitalizing mechanisms.

From the very first drops, the skin revitalizes itself 9 times faster*.
It is visibly plumped-up, smoother and more radiant.
From 8 hours, the skin fully recovers.
Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology combines the exceptional power of Black Bee honey from Ouessant island with a scientifically chosen blend of honeys from Corsica, Ikaria and Åland and an exclusive royal jelly, all with unique and complementary phytochemical profiles.

*Instrumental test, 20 volunteers, 2 applications per day, after 3 days


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