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M A S S A G E  R I T U A L S

Relax completely or boost your energy with these body massages incorporating precise and balanced techniques.

W H I S P E R S  O F  O U E S S A N T

60 MINS  |  $225.00

Embark on a multi-sensory and holistic treatment that will transport your body and mind beyond the seas.


This invigorating massage will transport you to the wild landscape of the Ouessant Island in France, where bees yield their most precious treasures.

In perfect harmony with the movements of the Guerlain expert, the music is designed to delight all your senses and offer you a rousing and refreshing escape.


Progressing through four chapters, the musical score evokes the emotions of this encounter: the intrigue of arriving by the sea, the heady feeling of exploring the island, the excitement of discovering its flora and fauna and the deep reawakening of the Celtic soul that invites you to escape into your imagination.


T H E  8

1 HR & 20 MINS  |  $280.00

Guerlain has chosen to showcase its know-how by offering a new and outstanding aesthetic massage. This treatment is a unique experience, as proof of Guerlain's incredible ability to innovate. while drawing on its long standing expertise. The 8 has been designed to meet each individual's own expectation, working on 80 muscles in the body and face, and involving 80 specific techniques applied to 80 pressure points: every movement can be personalized. The protocol has one aim: to ensure your mind and body are completely relaxed through the alternating rhythms set by the Guerlain Beauty Expert. After this session, the body feels light, supple, relieved from stress, and full of renewed energy and self-confidence. Once again, Guerlain has designed a new treatment that takes up the challenge of combining an aesthetic massage with the effect of a yoga session.


I M P E R I A L E  R E L A X I N G 
M A S S A G E 

1 HR  |  $205.00

1.5 HRS  |  $280.00

This massage pays homage to the Eau de Cologne Impériale. This multisensorial experience inspires complete serenity, leaving you perfectly relaxed, yet invigorated. The Imperial Relaxing Massage facilitates oxygenation, stimulates circulation and evokes a profound sense of harmony.


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