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H A N D  A N D  F O O T  T R E A T M E N T S

They are on the front line! The feet and hands suffer damage on a daily basis. Don't neglect them, treat them to the care they deserve.

I N T E N S I V E  H A N D / F O O T  T H E R A P Y

Intensive Hand Therapy, 1.5 HRS  |  $130.00

Intensive Foot Therapy,  1.5 HRS  |  $140.00

Intensive Hand & Foot Therapy, 3 HRS  |  $225.00

Indulge your hands or feet with this complete repairing treatment. A specific concentrate is applied to enhance your beauty. A delightful treatment that finished with the application of nail polish.

H A N D / F O O T  T H E R A P Y

Hand Therapy,  1 HR  |  $140.00

Foot Therapy,  1 HR  |  $ 200.00

Pamper your hands or feet with a hand or foot treatment. The treatment is finished with a nail polish application that leaves your hands and feet, soft, supple, and refreshed.

S H E L L A C  E N H A N C E M E N T

Shellac  |  $30.00

Shellac Removal, 15 MINS  |  $20.00

(Add-on to a full hand or foot therapy only)

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