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Previously Director of Spa and Wellness for Palaces in France and London, Urban spas in NZ, or luxury cruise ships sailing around the globe,

I am now honored to be a Guerlain Ambassador in my new home, Canada.


While loving to exercise, my passion is to surprise guests with an unmatched experience and offering them to care they deserve! I also love to hike with friends and tick off my never ending bucket list!

Spa Director

Guerlain is family for me - as my mom was, I am now very proud of working for the brand as the Spa Training Manager. This company is filled with passion and history, every creation has a story behind it, and it offers me the chance to support, mentor and inspire my team everyday.

Being outdoors gives me the opportunity to reconnect with nature, especially when it's nice and warm!

Training Manager

Being environmentally responsible and making the world a better place is very important to me and knowing that Guerlain is doing their part in decreasing their carbon footprint makes me admire the brand even more. I am someone who thrives when able to enhance my RMT knowledge by further educating myself through courses.


When not in the spa, I grow my love for sports such as soccer, basketball and tennis.

RMT Sports Therapy

As a registered Massage Therapist who specializes in pregnancy, I offer a sense of calm and safety for both mommy and baby. Guerlain allows me to create a beautiful path and environment for both of them to embrace and help in that bonding experience. Similarly, I feel it is very important to maintain strong connections with all my family members and friends and spend quality time with them.

RMT Pregnancy

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