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Previously Director of Spa and Wellness for Palaces in France and London, Urban spas in NZ, or luxury cruise ships sailing around the globe,

I am now honored to be a Guerlain Ambassador in my new home, Canada.


While loving to exercise, my passion is to surprise guests with an unmatched experience and offering them to care they deserve! I also love to hike with friends and tick off my never ending bucket list!

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Spa Director

Guerlain is family for me - as my mom was, I am now very proud of working for the brand as the Spa Training Manager. This company is filled with passion and history, every creation has a story behind it, and it offers me the chance to support, mentor and inspire my team everyday.

Being outdoors gives me the opportunity to reconnect with nature, especially when it's nice and warm!

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Training Manager


Being environmentally responsible and making the world a better place is very important to me and knowing that Guerlain is doing their part in decreasing their carbon footprint makes me admire the brand even more. I am someone who thrives when able to enhance my RMT knowledge by further educating myself through courses.


When not in the spa, I grow my love for sports such as soccer, basketball and tennis.

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RMT Sports Therapy


As a registered Massage Therapist who specializes in pregnancy, I offer a sense of calm and safety for both mommy and baby. Guerlain allows me to create a beautiful path and environment for both of them to embrace and help in that bonding experience. Similarly, I feel it is very important to maintain strong connections with all my family members and friends and spend quality time with them.

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RMT Pregnancy

I specialize in Hot Stone massage to melt away your stress and tension, as well as offering you the most transformative experience. 

The level of care and recognition Guerlain Spa offers to its guests and staff is something I carry with me outside of work.

I like to meditate, do yoga and ensure my well-being is serene and relaxed.

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RMT Lakeside Stone Massage


Aromacology, the ability to stimulate a memory or feeling from scent is why I love Guerlain fragrances. My favorite Guerlain fragrance is Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune as it reminds me of fresh clean linen on a beautiful spring day. Surrounded by people who value wellness, care about environmental impact, and strive to create a memorable and relaxing atmosphere is why I am passionate about Guerlain. One of my favorite hobbies is hiking and being outdoors surrounded by nature because it gives me a sense of calm and relaxation.


Fragrance Specialist


Each Guerlain fragrance is made of very rare raw ingredients and when mixed with one another, I can create and tailor a whole new sensation and open up possibilities for guests to experience. I strive to find a scent that emanates well and takes each guest on a journey to reminisce special memories that they hold close to their heart. My passion for the fashion industry replicates the exact same feeling by enjoying creating pieces that look phenomenal on my friends and family and celebrate each unique style.

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Fragrance Specialist

What I love most about Guerlain is the breathtaking and indisputable results from each treatment and skincare product. As a Spa Beauty Expert, I use my best skills everyday to ensure each guest is offered with the most memorable experience.

I am a family person and I consider every client as part of the Guerlain family!

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Beauty Expert

The rich history of Guerlain with the thought and care that has gone into formulating every single product and protocol - it's the best of the best!

As a Spa Beauty Expert, I welcome every individual and offer them a unique experience so they leave feeling rejuvenated and confident after every visit. 

Practicing yoga and going to live music are my favourite hobbies when not at work!

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Beauty Expert


I admire Guerlain because the brand knows exactly how to combine our beautiful nature and powerful science, which speaks volumes about the quality and sustainability that we all deserve. This inspires me to deliver the best bespoke experience pushing me to deepen my knowledge and perfect my technical skills. As a matter of fact, I apply the same combination at home by enjoying an active lifestyle and making healthy desserts.

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Beauty Expert


What I love about Guerlain is that we can trust and be proud of the brand knowing the brand is committed to the environment for a more beautiful and responsible world, especially with our partnership with UNESCO to save the bees. I love working in this very organized, clean and sanitized environment and greet our guests with excellent standards and always a kind smile.

When I am not at the spa, I enjoy listening to music and learning new dance moves.

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Spa Attendant


What I love about Guerlain is the relaxed atmosphere. I aim to keep our patrons safe, pampered, and relaxed while keeping myself alert to respond to every guest need. This is achieved by always thinking and being prepared ahead of time. I love the amazing, caring and passionate team I work with. 

When I am not at work, I love painting and dancing, and I am always eager to find new hobbies, such as embroidery.

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Spa Attendant

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I like to combine my massage treatments with corrective exercises and stretches, with the Guerlain journey to make sure each client gets the right amount of knowledge and care. I enjoy sharing tips on how to correct your posture, rehabilitate correctly & prevent injuries.

Teaching my son how to play soccer is my other passion!

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Makeup Artist

I love Guerlain's makeup products because they are beautifully crafted, healthy for the skin, as well as easy for everyone to enjoy and feel beautiful in. Makeup is a passion of mine - it has allowed me to utilize my appreciation for art and creativity while interacting and sharing my expertise with others.


When not using my makeup tools, I opt for my cooking utensils and try out some delicious epicurean food for my fellow Spa coworkers.

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